LÍBAN RETRAT DE L’EMPODERAMENT Líban retrat de l’empoderament, tells through adolescents: Ola, Maram, Afra, and Wissal how cricket and education provided by the Alsama Project NGO in the Chatila camp in Beirut are paving a new vital, feminist, and empowered path with an extraordinary dimension, thanks to the education provided by Kadria, a teacher who… Continue reading LÍBAN EMPOWERMENT PORTRAIT


KANVIEM? The reality of climate change is brought to life in Catalonia through the program ‘Kanviem?‘, which is hosted by young activist Olivia Mandle and presented without any filters. Simultaneously, the program seeks out projects and initiatives that are achieving significant successes in the fight against climate change in our country. In terms of pedagogy,… Continue reading KANVIEM?


MOLDOVA A PORTRAIT OF UNCERTAINTY   What will the world map look like as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Can Moldova be the next target of Putin’s New Russia?   Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe located between Romania and Ukraine. This small country, outside the EU and NATO, feels… Continue reading MOLDOVA, A PORTRAIT OF UNCERTAINTY


EL TEOREMA DEL MICO   What is the true nationality of Banksy? Why does Rosalía want a house with views of Montserrat’s mountain? Can public institutions be the stage to catch the most wanted drug dealer in the world? What is the real secret of the success of Els Minyons de Terrassa? What are we… Continue reading EL TEOREMA DEL MICO


FLIGHT 1903 A HIDDEN TRAGEDY On July 3rd, 1970 a Comet4 plane of Dan Air travelling from Manchester, UK towards Barcelona, Spain with 105 passengers and 7 crew members, crashed on the Montseny ranges bordering the Catalan coast. No one survived. Most passengers came from humble origins, whole families planning a holiday in Spain, all… Continue reading MONTSENY: THE BURIED TRAGEDY


EL BOLO   El bolo is the TV program that brings your favourite artists to your home, with the hosts Emma Quadrada and Arnau Tordera.   Celebrities move to your home for singing, dancing or performance; they make curious, funny and original shows. A public market, a terrace or a school turn into the new… Continue reading EL BOLO


PER QUÈ VOLEN ELS AVIONS?   Per què volen els avions? is the first TV programme of the Catalan Television hosted by a young with Down’s Syndrome. He is Eloi Collell, a young boy that for the first time hosts a program, although it is not the first time that he talks in front of… Continue reading PER QUÈ VOLEN ELS AVIONS?


DEAR DAKAR An emotional letter that the boys and girls of the city of Barcelona send to the children of Senegal so that they also get the vaccine against Covid. UNICEF campaign for vaccination in Senegal produced by Kaseta Ideas Factory. Co-production by UNICEF and La Kaseta Ideas Factory.


RECEPTION CHRONICLES Every day more and more children are migrating alone to Europe. How is their trip? Why do they risk their lives? What difficulties do they face when they arrive in our country? What would they change? Galo, Zineb, Oussama and Mohamed are four young people, minors, who explain their journey full of uncertainties… Continue reading RECEPTION CHRONICLES


CIERRA UNICEF   La Kaseta Ideas Factory has produced the videos for the digital campaign Cierra Unicef for Unicef Catalonia.    This campaign generates debate with the objective of turning into a reality the slogan Cierra Unicef. The organization’s mission is to ensure that children human rights are respected and fulfilled. The NGO wish not… Continue reading CIERRA UNICEF