On July 3rd, 1970 a Comet4 plane of Dan Air travelling from Manchester, UK towards Barcelona, Spain with 105 passengers and 7 crew members, crashed on the Montseny ranges bordering the Catalan coast. No one survived. 

Most passengers came from humble origins, whole families planning a holiday in Spain, all of which were residents of the Manchester industrial belt.

Under the Franco regime of the time and with the acquiescence of the British diplomacy, the tragedy was quickly silenced since the flourishing tourist trade in Spain was at stake and England eluded responsibilities. A sinister yet effective move.

The victims were all buried in a common grave of a small, inland town, near the mountains where they lost their lives. Nobody but one family claimed the bodies. 

Fifty years later this documentary recalls the tragedy through the testimonials of local neighbours and volunteers, relatives and historians. 

A sorrowful journey to ascertain the truth, revealing many of the details that triggered one of the greatest mishaps ever occurred in Spain.

Produced by Televisió de Catalunya in coproduction with La Kaseta Ideas Factory and collaboration with Taempus Media and Punttv.

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