Líban retrat de l’empoderament, tells through adolescents: Ola, Maram, Afra, and Wissal how cricket and education provided by the Alsama Project NGO in the Chatila camp in Beirut are paving a new vital, feminist, and empowered path with an extraordinary dimension, thanks to the education provided by Kadria, a teacher who experienced forced marriage at the age of 15 and is changing the course of many lives in one of the poorest places in the world.

Rima is another protagonist who has created the Wing Woman project, where volunteer seamstresses manufacture feminine hygiene items such as pads and diapers to supply women who cannot afford these essential products.

Samira, a volunteer in refugee settlements in the Bekaa Valley, offers French, mathematics, and Arabic classes to children who lack access to education.

Raising awareness among women and girls about the issues of forced and early marriages is one of the tools that Lina, a young Syrian refugee, has found. Through UNHCR, she works to empower women in dozens of informal settlements in the poorest region of Lebanon, Tripoli.

The protagonists of Líban retrat de l’empoderament inherits from many wars, they are daughters of all diasporas, victims of misogynistic societies, survivors of constant inflation, accustomed to permanent uncertainty and constant chaos. This is the portrait of small but transcendent stories: women who, with their wings, provoke the hurricane of an incipient yet inevitably irreversible empowerment, amid the ever tumultuous situation in the Middle East.

A production by Televisió de Catalunya and produced by La Kaseta Ideas Factory. 

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