MINVANT Maira a fifty-year-old farmer, fights with her veterinarian. They have been on the verge of sacrificing their sick horse, but Maira has become unhappy. He doesn’t see it clearly. Hot flashes and heat harass her: she goes through a quiet, lonely, tense menopause. While trying to revive the barren land of drought, she postpones… Continue reading MINVANT


WHO KILLED CACHOU? Who killed Cachou? It’s the story of the first case of the murder of a protected animal that could lead the perpetrators to face criminal charges. This unusual event in Europe hides a whole power plot in the Val d’Aran, one of the most isolated and rugged territories in Catalonia. At the… Continue reading WHO KILLED CACHOU?


LÍBAN RETRAT DE L’EMPODERAMENT Líban retrat de l’empoderament, tells through adolescents: Ola, Maram, Afra, and Wissal how cricket and education provided by the Alsama Project NGO in the Chatila camp in Beirut are paving a new vital, feminist, and empowered path with an extraordinary dimension, thanks to the education provided by Kadria, a teacher who… Continue reading LÍBAN EMPOWERMENT PORTRAIT


KANVIEM? The reality of climate change is brought to life in Catalonia through the program ‘Kanviem?‘, which is hosted by young activist Olivia Mandle and presented without any filters. Simultaneously, the program seeks out projects and initiatives that are achieving significant successes in the fight against climate change in our country. In terms of pedagogy,… Continue reading KANVIEM?


HOTEL PALESTINA Catalunya Ràdio launches the podcast “Hotel Palestina” produced by Kaseta that explains the personal experiences of journalists who have worked in conflict zones. The first season features Manel Alías, Mònica Bernabé, Raül Gallego, Cristina Solías, Marc Marginedas, Rosa Maria Calaf, Santi Palacios, Cristina Mas, Plàcid Garcia-Planas and Alba Sotorra. “Hotel Palestina” is the… Continue reading HOTEL PALESTINA


MOLDOVA A PORTRAIT OF UNCERTAINTY   What will the world map look like as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Can Moldova be the next target of Putin’s New Russia?   Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe located between Romania and Ukraine. This small country, outside the EU and NATO, feels… Continue reading MOLDOVA, A PORTRAIT OF UNCERTAINTY