This short documentary brings us closer to the experience of three young migrants who arrived in Catalonia without their families when they were minors and who, now of legal age, have managed to build their own lives and integrate into Catalan society.

Hamady left Senegal at the age of 12; he now resides in Reus and works as a bartender. His dream is for his mother and sister to come and live here in Catalonia. Lamin is from Gambia and works in a sheet metal and electrical company; his aspiration is to be self-employed and start his own business. Finally, Mamadou left Mali at the age of 14 and now lives in Girona. His goal is to study fashion design.

‘Drawing the Future’ is a portrait of different realities that explores the emotions and thoughts of its protagonists, as well as the social reality in which they live. They talk to us about themes such as identity, the concept of ‘home,’ racism, but above all, the everyday victories and opportunities that have led them to develop their life projects. We present active characters who are part of and contribute to the social fabric, breaking stereotypes and generating empathy. This is a narrative rooted in everyday life, showcasing the generosity of protagonists who open the door for us to get to know their lives.

Despite the significant sacrifices involved in their journeys, this is a positive narrative about dreams gradually coming true, making the journey worthwhile.

A co-production by Unicef and La Kaseta Ideas Factory.

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