Maira a fifty-year-old farmer, fights with her veterinarian. They have been on the verge of sacrificing their sick horse, but Maira has become unhappy. He doesn’t see it clearly. Hot flashes and heat harass her: she goes through a quiet, lonely, tense menopause. While trying to revive the barren land of drought, she postpones the decision she must make: to sacrifice the sick horse who is no longer eating or walking well.

The days are a succession of sweat and bad sleep, and the vet pressures her. Maira does not see herself capable of making the decision, nor does she see herself capable of throwing away the pads that are still hanging around the closet, although her menstruation has not appeared for a long time. While she is busy cutting down a dead tree, her discomfort increases. But the confrontation with her neighbor, a young woman and mother of two girls, will lead her to accept and embrace the new stage that is opening its way before her. The maturity.

Thus, serenity breaks through a sea of ​​doubts and Maira can finally make a decision. Accepting menopause also means for her accepting the beast’s illness and the step towards a new reality that is imposed. Outside, the heat is burning.

Production by La Kaseta Ideas Factory and distribution by Freak Internacional Agency.

Collaboration by Seitó camera and RecLab.