Per què volen els avions? is the first TV programme of the Catalan Television hosted by a young with Down’s Syndrome. He is Eloi Collell, a young boy that for the first time hosts a program, although it is not the first time that he talks in front of a camera.


Eloi has a lot of questions that usually people don’t ask. In each episode, he asks a question. Therefore, Per què volen els avions? is a program that aims seeking answers in a different and funny way with interviews recorded in unique spaces and even sometimes he joins the interviewees in their daily routines.


But Per què volen els avions? is not only a TV program. It is also a social and inclusive project that aims to show how the people with Down’s Syndrome can acquire positions of responsibility. Just breaking taboos and normalizing the diversity, we will achieve the complete inclusion of young people like Eloi.


A Televisió de Catalunya production produced by La Kaseta Ideas Factory.


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