What will the world map look like as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine? Can Moldova be the next target of Putin’s New Russia?


Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe located between Romania and Ukraine. This small country, outside the EU and NATO, feels the fear of war closer than ever. On the right bank of the Dniester River is a de facto pro-Russian state with a high percentage of the population with a strong Soviet sentiment: Transnistria. 


This territory has been operating independently since 1992, following an internal conflict with Moldova. Since then, Russia has maintained an army of more than 1,500 Russian soldiers and a 20,000-tonne ammunition depot. The pro-European government of Moldova has repeatedly called for the withdrawal of the Russian presence within its borders. 


Today, Moldova is home to the largest number of refugees per capita in Europe, but tomorrow it may be the next victim of the desire to expand a new Russian empire. This is a portrait of a country that sees its economic and borderline fragility flatten Putin’s Russification. Moldova is one of the most unknown countries in Europe, but overnight it could become the territory we all talk about.


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