Who killed Cachou? It’s the story of the first case of the murder of a protected animal that could lead the perpetrators to face criminal charges. This unusual event in Europe hides a whole power plot in the Val d’Aran, one of the most isolated and rugged territories in Catalonia. At the same time, it portrays the conflict arising from the reintroduction of the brown bear into the Pyrenees, between the rural population and political decisions made kilometers away from where the measures are implemented.

Policia de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Mossos d’Esquadra), under the direction of a determined judge from Vielha intent on uncovering who is behind the death of the bear Cachou, initiate a complex investigation that leads them to probe political figures, public officials, farmers, hunters, and entrepreneurs from the Val d’Aran. Wiretaps, searches, arrests, camera traps, WhatsApp groups of the anti-bear movement, confidential data, herds affected by bear attacks, and a network dedicated to cocaine distribution are all part of an unprecedented investigation.

A production by Televisió de Catalunya and produced by La Kaseta Ideas Factory. 

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