Catalunya Ràdio launches the podcast “Hotel Palestina” produced by Kaseta that explains the personal experiences of journalists who have worked in conflict zones. The first season features Manel Alías, Mònica Bernabé, Raül Gallego, Cristina Solías, Marc Marginedas, Rosa Maria Calaf, Santi Palacios, Cristina Mas, Plàcid Garcia-Planas and Alba Sotorra.

“Hotel Palestina” is the first Catalan-language podcast on journalism. It can be played on the Catalunya Ràdio website and the app, as well as on the podcast platforms Spotify, Ivoox and Apple. The first season already available is made up of 10 episodes of 40 minutes.

Presented by David Fontseca and Marc Comas, the podcast explores, through a very personal conversation, the experiences that each journalist has had over the course of his or her career. How to prepare a report, how to evaluate the risks, how to manage fears and traumas in such a risky job, and how to combine it with family life, are some of the questions raised in this podcast.

This podcast is nomadic, itinerant, without a permanent radio studio, and it is the protagonists who designate the space where the conversation takes place. Thus, the first season was recorded in a “chiringuito” in Barceloneta, in the Monastery of Montserrat, in a McDonald’s or on the Open Arms vessel Astral.

Each war and conflict has its own hotel, which acts as a base camp, shelter, meeting place and place for journalists to relax. In addition, the podcast looking for intimate and quiet conversation on their careers, jobs and conflicts in today’s world, as well, an intimate and quiet conversation about their careers, their work and the conflicts of today’s world.

The Palestine Hotel in Baghdad was in addition a war hotel where the reporters covering the Iraq war stayed. Twenty years ago, Telecinco cameraman José Couso yielded his life in this hotel when a shell fired by an American tank hit the hotel. The podcast also pays tribute to journalists who lost their lives in the line of duty.


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