La Kaseta and UNICEF work together to create Clip Club TV

La Kaseta Ideas Factory is making the new project Clip Club TV, produced by UNICEF and Alcantara Family Foundation, led by children and youngsters from Spain. The main purpose is to make the lockdown easier and funnier. By now, the project has received lot of ideas, some of them from Osona and some schools like La Sínia, Sant Miquel del Sants, El Pare Coll de Vic o the public school from Roda.

Clip Club TV is a daily Youtube programme where children explain and teach what they have been doing these long days in lockdown: performing a play or making crafts. Moreover, every episode has a surprise. For example, Ona Carbonell, has shown different stretches, or Sergio Busquets and Ricky Rubio have shown they have a hand for crafts, or Alcantara siblings have explained their hobbies beyond football. The participants of MasterChef Junior, Lu and Leo, have also appeared in the programme, and also Miquel Montoro, the youtuber who has intruced his donkey called Menut.

La Kaseta andUNICEF still looking for youngsters and children to teach new things. You can send videos via

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