We air ‘El Bolo’ on TV3

La Kaseta Ideas Factory air El bolo on Sunday 22nd on Tv3 at 22.45 pm.

El bolo

El bolo is a new tv program that takes home the favourite artists of Catalans. Emma Quadrada is the presenter, and she will join the artists in these new stages. The songwriter Suu, Els amics de les arts, La Fura dels Baus, Sol Picó and T de Teatre act in the most unexpected places.

The hosts have 48 hours to change a terrace, a public space, a cooperative, the mountain, or a school into a new particular stage.

Suu TV3

A lot of good artists are unknown, or they are not catalogued at least as mainstream, and Arnau Tordera discovers them around Catalunya.

El bolo pursues the culture and its importance in our lives.

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