Battle of social networks: MIPDOC Cannes


La Kaseta crew travels to Cannes with the last documentary Battle of Social Networks. After one year working and filming in Barcelona, Madrid, Oxford, London, Philadelphia or New York, the documentary about social networks in co-production with Televisió de Catalunya is going to be launch in the MIPDOC. The international distributor 3Boxmedia is in charge of launching the documentary in Cannes.

The aim of the Battle of Social Networks is answering questions like how the new technologies and innovations have facilitated organizing social revolutions, what influence have disinformation and Fake News or which is the future of social networks. Experts like Sandra González Bailón of the Annenberg School, Claire Wardle of the First Draft News, or Adam Ellick, the journalist at the New York Times, explain how citizens are actually using the internet today.

New technologies can be used to give voice to those people who live in places where lack freedom of expression and information, but at the same time, technologies enable people to create false content to influence society. So the question is if social networks and the internet have democratized society or, by contrast, have facilitated the control over citizens.

Lots of politics around the world try to discredit social movements and traditional media saying they are fake news. For example, Donald Trump uses fake news when he refers to mass media. The former Spanish foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis, is also an example due to he said some of the images spread the 1st of October of Catalonia were fake.

Propaganda and disinformation have always existed to influence the ideology of citizens. Battle of Social Networks intend to show the effects of social networks today. The battle to take control of the truth has begun. Is this a threat to any democracy?

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