Battle of Social Netwoks will premiere in Vic

BOSN_TRAILER_CAT from La Kaseta Ideas Factory on Vimeo.

Battle of Social NetworksBattle of Social Networks – La batalla per les xarxes shows how, in a context of citizen mobilizations, social networks empower and give voice to anonymous citizens who share online, with the help of their mobile phones, life experiences considered unfair or silenced by them. At the same time, these networks become platforms for the proliferation of fake news and misinformation. The documentary will premiere at the Cine Vigatà (Vic) next Friday 15th, at 19 hours, and it will be followed by a debate with David Fontseca, director of the film; Montse Armengou i Martín, director of Sense Ficció; and Anna Erra, mayor of Vic.

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