Battle of social networks will air in eight countries worldwide

The documentary Battle of Social Networks, the latest production of La Kaseta in coproduction with the Televisió de Catalunya aired on Tuesday 19th of november on Sense Ficció, is spreading worldwide. Since the partners of 3BoxMedia showed the project in Cannes, eight different countries have obtained the broadcasting rights. As it was announced, it was premiered in primetime on Four Corners at ABC, one of the most watched programs of the channel and which has earned international recognition, winning 44 Walkley Awards.

The documentary will air in countries like the United States, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, United Kingdom, Mexico or different Arab countries.

The documentary, that analyses the Fake News and the social empowerment through the social networks, also is included in the oficial selection of the 17th International Segni della notte Festival of Urbino, Italy.

If Battle of Social Networks still spreading, a documentary that investigates the power of the new technologies, it might be aired around the world.

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