La Kaseta

La Kaseta

La Kaseta Ideas Factory is an independent audiovisual production company, created by the director and producer David Fontseca with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector. Since its inception La Kaseta has focused its objectives on documenting current affairs and social issues. Issues that often get forgotten or do not find their space in major world MassMedia.

The tagline is the best summary of our philosophy.

We try to explain with images what we can’t explain with words.

La Kaseta focuses its objectives on visually document those social conflicts, nationally and internationally, that in one way or another seem
muted and deserve to be disclosed in a comprehensive manner while maintaining our objectivity and professionalism. But La Kaseta also
works as an audiovisual production company that offers its services to advertising, television and Internet and has a network of the best
professionals in the artistic and audiovisual world of the moment.

La Kaseta’s films, documentaries, and reports have won various international awards, and have been shown at major film and documentary
festivals around the world.

  • 2020 TV program Per què volen els avions?
  • 2019 Documentary Battle of Networks
  • 2016 Documentary To kyma. A rescue in the Aegean sea