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Thousands of people cross the Mediterranean every year. To Kyma, a rescue in the Aegean Sea shows the reality lived in Europe during the 2015. It seems will be continued equal the next years.

To Kyma has been a success during 2016 and 2017: it was shown by TV3, La Sexta, ORF Austria, TVN Poland, Filmin Spain and Al Arabiya. Thanks to the broadcasting of all these channels, To Kyma has arrived to an potential audience of 150 million people.

To Kyma has gone all over the world, winning awards like the PiGrecoZen Film Fest in Italy or the Montserrat Roig organized by the council of Barcelona. It was in the oficial selection of festivals like Aegean Docs, PriMed-International Festival of Mediterranean Film and Reportaje, Campulun Film Festival, within others. It was nominated also by the Global Migration Film Festival of the IOM.

Here we add some opinion articles which talk about To Kyma because we think it is important to remember those people who is trying to arrive in Europe and give them voice.

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