La Kaseta is producing a documentary about social networks effects

social networks

The team of The Kaseta is producing a documentary on the effect of the social networks. On October 1 it was marked by the images of the police shared by the thousands of citizens who were defending the polling stations. Thanks to these images the situation of Catalonia came to big mass media like the CNN or Al Jazzera.

The team has spoken with some journalists to know if there has been some type of fine against those users who shared videos of the police violence. Also the team has interviewed Meritxell and Kenneth, two young people from Lleida who were arrested after posting a couple of photos of the Civil Guard on Facebook.

The Kaseta is constructing a story of discovered to know the effect of the social networks, how the authorities control them (if they can do it) and how they have arisen already known Fake News. Undoubtedly, on October 1 it has implemented a new use of the networks since people of the whole world joined to become visible the Catalan situation.

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