The impact of images during the catalan movement

1_O_365_dies from La Kaseta Ideas Factory on Vimeo.

What is the impact of the images shared on social networks? One year ago, the catalan government and the citizens self-organized celebrated the referendum on the Independence of Catalonia, which the Spanish government declared as illegal.

The 1st of October more than 5 million people were convocated to vote in order to decide the future of Catalonia. The Spanish government advised the referendum would not be held and spanish security forces would confiscate ballot boxes. Thousands of citizens -coordinated through social networks and apps like Telegram or Signal – occupied the polling stations all the weekend until the ballot boxes arrived at 7. The voting started at 9a.m. when the Spanish Police and the Paramilitary Forces arrived in different schools over Catalonia.

At this point, people started using mobile phones with the aim of recording what was happening and sharing on social networks. The images of the police actions took less than 12 hours to reach all continents. Since then, La Kaseta is working on the project “Battle of Social Networks” which want to answer different questions about the social networks.

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