The new role of social networks

xarxes socials

Social Networks allow a global connexion and its are used by social movements. It was already clear during the Arab Spring in 2011, when Facebook was used to organise social protests, also during the 15M movement in Spain or the Occupy movement in USA and, recently, the 1st of october proved the networks capacity during the catalan referendum, and nowadays, social networks are demostrating its force in Iran.

The police actions images sahred online marked the 1st of October. Images of injured people, videos of the police confiscating ballot boxes and images of the people who were defending the polling stations. People who were at polling stations shared all these images and them were used by dozens of mass media in order to explain what was happening in Catalonia.

Nowadays, it is possible to see the force of internet in Iran where after some demostrations convocated by Telegram against the Iran government, the authorities restricted social networks access with the goal of “control the call of the illegal demonstrations”, according to El Periodico.

Internet is acquiring an important role. It is such as one more actor in the society and in fact, it is difficul to control. Activists, journalists and business use it to inform and organize although it still is not clear how government will control the power of networks.

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