The Spanish State breaches its commitment to host 17,337 people

The deadline for giving asylum to the 17,337 refugee people with whom the Spanish State was committed in September 2015 was over. During these two years, 1,983 people, 11% of the total, have been relocated and settled according to the Spanish Refugee Aid Comission (CEAR). A fact that has outraged several associations that work for human rights and are already promoting different campaigns for social networks, including #TimeIsUp to denounce the lack of political will of the European Union. The EU pledged to give asylum to 180,000 people and, according to CEAR, only one in four has been given asylum.

The European Union has not been able to cope with the massive arrival of asylum-seekers and therefore entities like CEAR speak of a lack of political will because in Hungary 3 million of people who have not yet received asylum. In addition, dozens of people are still arriving on the European shores every day in search of a shelter. Organizations like Stop Mare Mortum claim the help of the Spanish central government to cope with this situation and ask for legal and safe ways to stop dying people in the Mediterranean; So far this year, more than 2,500 people have died of drowning.

Today, at 19pm, there is a demonstration convened by Casa Nostra Casa Vostra in Barcelona to inform that the reception period is over.

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