Covid-19 and European borders: overlooked territories

To Kyma

The lastest news are about Covid-19, a virus spread worldwide, and mass media don’t devote enough time to explain what is going on in Greece where police greek is shooting migrants who try to cross from Turkey. Neither the European Union nor any government is working to implement health and hygiene measures against Coronavirus in the refugee camps like Moria, in Lesbos. European politicians are responsible for the thousands of people living in European borders.

The virus is extremely dangerous for all the people indefinite confined under unhealthy conditions in the Greek refugee camps, where the lives of families, children, young or adults are at risk if governments don’t apply healthcare measures immediately. Networks solidarity have been formed in Catalonia in the battle against the Coronavirus, and a lot of people are helping the oldest, but who is protecting asylum seekers?

More than 20.000 people have died trying to reach Europe since 2014. The refugee camps are in deplorable conditions, full of rubbish and with diseases related to the lack of hygiene conditions. Coronavirus is generating uncertainty, and the situation is getting worse, and once again, the most vulnerable suffer the consequences of mistaken government policies.

We would like to contribute to build a better world, being aware of what happens around the world, and we have decided to open To kyma a rescue in the Aegean sea for free. A documentary directed by David Fontseca and Arantza Diez, which still stands four years later as the European borders situation remains the same. The ONGs volunteering like Proactiva Open Arms remain essentials.

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