Battle of Social Networks: the new documentary film

TEASER_BATTLE_OF_SOCIAL_NETWORKS from La Kaseta Ideas Factory on Vimeo.

Julian Assange lawyerBattle of Social Networks is the new documentary film of La Kaseta. Through different social movements like the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring or the Catalan Referendum, the documentary explains how the society is using social networks to be selforganized.

Social networks can articulate movements because it is quite easy to find groups with the same political ideology. On social networks there are echo chumbers through people can participate in a political cause. The Arab Spring started on social networks, this is the beggining. Governments of different countries like Iran or Russia have banned some apps in an attempt to avoid social mobilizations. Brazil, United States o United Kingdom have used social networks and messaging apps in an attempt to share disinformation.

Social networks are the present and we want to know if them can be controlled, of ir they are actually destabilizing democracies and how governments are reacting in front of this new paradigm. With social networks analysts, lawyers and anonymous users, we break into techology world, which everyone can access.

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